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Digital Advertising

Nearly 80% of consumers use a search engine when researching a vehicle purchase. Search engine marketing (SEM) should be a key component of your dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Display and video advertising packages can also help your website attract more in-market shoppers.

The Kia Digital Certified Solutions suite includes eleven provider options to manage your digital marketing efforts. Each provider package includes a recommended minimum key word list and bidding strategy to optimize your search performance.

Once you’ve made your provider and package selections you will receive a confirmation email and the provider you have selected will contact you to get started.

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Adpearance is the sales-obsessed digital marketing company focused on helping Kia dealers sell more cars. Improve your digital advertising performance with exceptional execution and exclusive inventory ad technologies focused on low-funnel searches. Drive organic traffic with strong SEO. And convert more leads to sales with Foureyes® sales intelligence. Generate the best bottom-line results with Adpearance, the certified digital marketing program partner with best-in-class technology and customer service.

Learn More Advertising powers optimally relevant ads with Kia-aligned creative across the digital channels that drive vehicle sales – retargeting, paid search, display on major content networks and premium automotive research sites, and social media. Campaigns reach shoppers at every stage in their shopping process – from awareness, to consideration, to purchase intent – working together to broaden your website audience and keep visitors returning until they’re ready to come to your showroom.

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Dealer eProcess

When it comes to digital marketing, having the tools to run certain ad campaigns is only half the battle. The other half is having the ability to track every aspect of those campaigns at the most detailed level in order to effectively optimize your ad budget, getting the greatest possible return on investment. As a Dealer e-Process website customer, your digital marketing campaigns are fully optimized based on the ultimate goals of lead conversion and vehicle sales.

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Dealer Inspire

Originally a marketing agency that has since built unprecedented websites and digital solutions to convert its campaigns into customers, Dealer Inspire is a Premier Google Partner that maximizes ROI by seamlessly connecting custom marketing strategies with innovative technologies.

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Dealer Teamwork

Here at Dealer Teamwork we make digital marketing easy to understand and use. We engineered and patented the MPOP™, which is a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. It was made so that users could merchandise, personalize and optimize their products and services for digital marketing channels. The MPOP™ is linked to your website, landing pages, paid search, social media and an email campaign builder. This link allows you to publish MPOP™ generated content to all marketing channels in real-time with a single update. With the MPOP™ you no longer need to sacrifice speed, quality, relevance or money when it comes to your digital marketing.

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Our company isn't so much of a novelty anymore. Other automotive marketing companies don't write us off. Dealers don't have to ask what it is that we do. Nobody even asks about our name.

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Through a time-tested process in which we document all existing site metrics with each customer prior to them going live on the DealerOn platform, we have documented an average lead volume increase of 250%.

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Force Marketing

We are experts in automotive marketing, using omni-channel marketing strategies to evolve the dealer-customer shipping experience. Force Marketing and its sister company, Helix Technologies provide dealers with advanced data strategies with leading edge technologies. With uniting first-party DMS and Oracle data, Force is able to provide a robust partnership to drive personalization within the customer journey and create clarity getting closer to full-funnel attribution, ultimately bridging the gap between Tier 1 to Tier 3 business. Our technical capabilities, cross-tier alignment experience and a track record of delivering dealer success will help KIA dealers increase their digital marketing efficiency.

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Netsertive StreetWise™ empowers you to outsmart the competition through data-driven insights that attract qualified auto shoppers to your rooftop. Our proprietary digital marketing intelligence platform learns 24/7 from the collective wisdom of our growing Kia dealer network, giving you the upper hand to win your local market.

With every dealer that's added to our platform, our technology gets smarter and advises our automotive experts to execute your next move. Your ads are never cookie cutter and hundreds of campaign changes are made each month to make sure you have the highest ad position and share of voice online. Netsertive also ensures turnkey Kia brand and MDF (co-op) compliance.

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Get more, every day, with PureCars. PureCars is dedicated to delivering more for Kia Dealers. More clicks, leads, calls, visits, service appointments and ROs, every day. The PureCars Platform is the first and only industry-specific, proprietary platform to give dealers everything in one place, with one subscription -- including full funnel, integrated digital advertising across all major channels, VIN-level attribution, inventory & market insights, and forecasting -- giving Kia dealers everything they need to move more metal, increase profitability and achieve a higher ROI.

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Sokal Media Group

Sokal Media Group is a full-service agency specializing in catering to the unique needs of automotive dealerships. Many of our staff have automotive experience, and we strive as an agency to build strong personal relationships with each client to better understand their needs and focus. We pride ourselves on acting as a fluid extension of our clients, always keeping their vision clearly in sight. From advanced PPC campaigns and fully-integrated reporting to pre-roll and retargeting, Sokal Media Group boasts all-encompassing services and readily-available support. Our strategy combines cutting-edge technology and techniques with a custom hands-on approach in order to make your digital presence the best it can be.

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UnityWorks is a leader and pioneer in the delivery of scalable, data-driven video campaigns for automotive dealers. We create compelling video content and utilize customer intelligence and proprietary technology to deliver customized video experiences that maximize engagement and conversion throughout the customer journey.

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