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Data Mining

The KDCS Certified Data Mining program offers multiple options to help your dealership take control of your customer data and build loyalty. Offerings include:

Integrated Data Mining Tools: Our providers’ will integrate equity mining tools into your CRM and DMS systems to facilitate tracking your customer data. These tools will help you make sense of your customers preferences and purchase habits that inform your Kia dealership on how and when to interact with your customers to optimize sales opportunities.

Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing: Target customers who are ready to make their next vehicle or service purchase by utilizing existing customer data to know who to contact at the right time to drive repeat sales. This offering provides actionable insights that drive your customer retention capabilities. Our providers will provide multiple targeting campaign options that are relevant for your dealership based on your sales and service data.

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Affinitiv is a leading marketing technology company serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealership groups, and individual dealers. Affinitiv is helping dealers to rethink their marketing strategy by focusing on an omnichannel approach that is integrated and fueled by smart data and predictive analytics. Our strategy recommendations span across multiple customer touch points (including need notification, scheduling, service writing, in-service notification and post-service follow-up). In addition, dealers will have access to Affinitiv’s Connectiv1 Platform, which provides a 360° view of the customer, vehicle, dealership and marketing campaign effectiveness all in one place. It makes it easy for dealers to leverage data and target customers with the right message, at the right time, on the right communication channel.

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Since 2005, AutoLoop has helped automotive dealerships grow their businesses. It started with our foundational products: the AutoLoop Sales and Service Suites, a set of seamlessly interconnected sales, service, and marketing tools designed to give dealerships industry-leading features, intelligent analytics, and streamlined performance. Together, these elements enable dealers to boost sales, optimize service, market with precision, and––most importantly––drive revenue.

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DealerSocket’s data mining solution, RevenueRadarTM, makes sense of customer data, turning insights into actions for dealership sales and marketing teams. The RevenueRadar difference is anchored in its ability to uncover prime opportunities and convert them to appointments without putting a strain on human capital and resources.

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The industry standard in automotive software and technology, Elead offers Xchange Trade Up Software Tools and BDC Services to enable your team to continuously prospect and drive new business, retain current business and recapture defectors.

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DealerIQ is the industry’s leading turnkey data mining solution. Not only does DealerIQ virtually automate the data mining process but our performance-based pricing assures that you only pay for real results. DealerIQ is a suite of solutions all working together to help your dealership increase new car sales by 10-20%, boost gross profit and maximize customer retention.

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