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The Sales-obsessed Partner You Need

At Adpearance, we measure our success by your sales.

To drive results, we offer:

  • Technology-driven solutions: Amp up results with proprietary technologies built for the automotive industry, including Foureyes, the patented sales intelligence software.

  • Targeted advertising: Be found in precise geographies with high-ranking ads and content reflecting users’ search intent and your business strategy.

  • Personal attention: Dedicated, auto-experienced client success managers with a laser focus on your lead volumes and dealership sales goals.

See how Adpearance can help you drive more car sales. Call us at 971-352-8088 to tell us about your specific challenge. We can start with a free analysis, provide insights to your current online performance, evaluate how you rank against your top competitors, and demo how sales optimization can help you sell more cars month in and month out.

Enroll Pricing & Packages

Foureyes® Sales Intelligence

To close more deals, you need intelligent sales tools.

Designed to help salespeople, Foureyes is a sales intelligence platform that helps you better hear and respond to your customers’ shopping behaviors. Now, with two certified products, you can focus on:

  • Sales optimization. Foureyes Tap is the sales assistant you’ve always needed. Tap helps you capture all your web leads—phones, forms, and chats, work the active opportunities, and improve sales conversations.

  • Outbound communication. Foureyes 20/20 automatically emails prospects about the inventory they are interested in, keeping them up to date and moving them closer to the sale without any effort from you or your staff.

Dealers on Tap and 20/20 see improved process and better sales outcomes.

New Vehicle Digital Advertising

Paid search, display ads, & dynamic remarketing work together to drive new car sales.

Start with Google Ads and dominate with:

  • Make/model terms
  • Dealership terms
  • Location-specific terms
  • Brand lease terms
  • Model segment terms
  • Parts and service terms

Expand into Bing, YouTube, and Facebook campaigns to amp up your awareness among targeted demographics. Plus, look for opportunities to win with conquest, commercial, and financing campaigns.

Live Inventory Ad Technologies

Powerful ad technology makes it easier for buyers to find your inventory.

When shoppers search online for the exact vehicle they want and you have that vehicle in inventory, it’s paramount that your dealership shows up in the results. Adpearance makes it easier for buyers to find your inventory with our Live Inventory Search Technology. Our proprietary technology:

  • Connects with your inventory management system.

  • Writes a custom ad for every piece of inventory, focusing on the most compelling features, including competitive price.

  • Uploads campaigns to target specific keywords related to actual inventory. Once the piece of inventory sells, we stop promoting it, maximizing every dollar you spend.

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure you have best-in-class SEO that helps your dealership rank at every turn.

Our solution will help your SEO conversions increase over time with:

  • SEO site audit, competitive research, and strategy
  • Technical execution for title tags, meta descriptions, and headers
  • Landing page creation every month
  • Google My Business claiming, verification, and optimization, plus monthly management
  • Onsite optimization
  • Local optimization on 100+ directories
  • Keyword tracking and performance analytics

And if your dealership is focused on video, put your assets to work with YouTube optimization inclusive of:

  • Video optimizations and closed captioning
  • Profile audit and optimization

Social Media Management

Ensure that you leverage the positivity of your dealership’s brand.

Be a consistent name in the community with a well-managed social media presence. Focusing on Facebook and additional platforms as desired, Adpearance will handle everything from profile optimization, weekly content planning, and personal responses to comments, messages, and reviews.

Ensure your presence is seen with an advertising spend to promote posts and page likes on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Reputation Management

Improve trust and cue shoppers to become buyers.

Broadcast buyers’ positive experiences with reputation management solutions that are tailored to your dealership’s needs. The team at Adpearance will develop a proactive strategy that helps you get more reviews, improve star ratings, and ultimately cue more shoppers to become buyers.

Using a combination of software to painlessly generate reviews and real humans to help manage the volume of reviews, you’ll start seeing progress on your online reputation fast.

Service Designed for Success

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of a ticketing system.

Adpearance client success managers will provide you with:

  • Proactive updates on how your leads are pacing against your goals, paired with data-driven recommendations to hit your goals every month

  • Reporting your way, via phone, email, or recorded video

  • Quarterly strategy planning around your business goals for short- and long-term success

About Adpearance

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Adpearance is the sales-obsessed marketing and sales intelligence company focused on helping Kia dealers sell more cars. Partnering with Adpearance means better sales results through ongoing innovation, helpful support, strong execution, and exceptional sales insights.