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Dealer Tools

Dealer Tools Overview

Improve your website conversion and generate more website leads. A selection of providers, including chat, social media content, and trade-in tools, offers your dealership turnkey solutions to get more out of your dealer website and digital marketing efforts.


Transform the way you connect with consumers online by building relationships through chat sessions that convert browsers into potential buyers.

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Provide your consumers reliable and accurate trade-in values to help them make informed purchase decisions.

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Social Media

Provide top-of-mind awareness to consumers. Providers will work with your dealership to develop and post regular and relevant content. Consumers engage more with dealerships that post regular and interesting content. KDCS certified providers will do all of the heavy lifting and ensure that your social media pages are always up to date with new and interesting content.

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Reputation Management

Drive traffic while improving loyalty and customer satisfaction by taking control of your dealership’s online reputation. This offering provides response management solutions to online reviews and tools to encourage consumers to leave more positive reviews.

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Digital Retailing

Bring your showroom into the homes of your customers. Through the Kia Digital program, rest assured knowing that the selection of digital retailing services available to you are some of the top in the industry and will help your customers jumpstart the car buying process.

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Data Mining

The Data Mining Program is designed to help your Kia Dealership understand your customer on a deeper level to provide a better experience and retain your customer’s satisfaction long term. Partner with one of Kia’s five certified providers to gain deeper insights on your customer data, build customer loyalty, and maximize customer retention.

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