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Enhanced Conversational Commerce and Retailing, Specifically Designed for Dealers.

Introducing the most advanced messaging and retailing platform in automotive. Our fully managed omni-channel service connects buyers and sellers in real time, improving the online customer experience and helping dealers service and sell more cars. Our flexible and interchangeable platform is designed to suit the needs of your dealership. Enroll today and discover why more than 6,500 dealers trust Gubagoo.

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Virtual Retailing: Watch, Build, Buy

Save time and increase efficiency by implementing Virtual Retailing on your site. With the capability to complete the deal process online, Gubagoo offers a robust end-to-end retailing experience which includes:

  • Negotiate and restructure deals
  • Calculate payments and quotes
  • Provide price, payment, model, and specification comparisons
  • Adjust rates and automate the retargeting

Online, Offline, Onsite, Offsite: Reach Consumers Anywhere, Anytime

Get real-time alerts every time there is a car buying engagement or repeat customer back on the site. Re-engage and re-target consumers with a new deal whether they are online, offline, onsite, or offsite in real-time through Facebook, Messenger, SMS, email, click to call, or live chat.

Live Support from Retailing Specialists Trained in F&I

Provide consumers with professional guidance and support anytime during the buying process. When customers have any questions, our team of skilled virtual retail specialists are available 24/7 to coach, manage, and support buyer concerns through chat, text, and video. Actively monitor pending deals and re-engage buyers when rates or incentives change. Your customers will be impressed with the engagement, and your conversation rates will skyrocket.

Dynamic VDP to Boost Engagement and Conversion

Dynamic VDPs increase conversion by 54%. With your inventory at our fingertips, we send vehicles in the chat window to enable the customer to easily view specs, pictures and videos. To unlock instant pricing, we invite the customer to fill in a quick form. This gives them access to valuable rates, incentives, residuals, lease offers and finance options specific to their area. They get what they’re looking for and you receive quality leads that drive higher conversion.

B.E.A.S.T. Behavior Scoring

Our patented behavioral scoring algorithm tracks and scores every website visitor to turn anonymous visitors into identifiable customers. We score consumers based on their level of interest, intent to purchase, inventory of interest and pages likely to view. With this insight, we can intelligently:

  • meet
  • greet
  • engage
  • interrupt
  • retarget
  • publish offers

Gubagoo ChatSmart: Fully Managed, Advanced Live Chat Platform

Gubagoo ChatSmart brings intelligence to chat, so you receive higher quality leads and more satisfied customers. Our fully managed live chat and text solutions make it easy for your customers to connect with your dealership anytime on any platform. With our unique ResQ feature, you have the ability to handle your chats, and our experienced chat specialists step in when you’re not available.

Apple Business Chat: Reach Millions of iOS Users

In one tap, iPhone and iPad users can chat with your dealership in the Apple Messages app. They can view inventory, ask questions, book a test drive, and schedule service appointments. Re-engage with customers at any time to get them back into the deal. Your connection with customers is active until they choose to delete the conversation. Native iOS entry points include Spotlight, Siri, Search, and Maps.

Facebook Messenger and Marketplace Integration

Meet consumers where they’re shopping, on Facebook. Our Chat Specialists have the ability to send your inventory, along with videos and special offers to customers right in a Messenger conversation. Gubagoo also makes it easy for you to sell on Marketplace. We post your pre-owned inventory and manage inbound inquiries through Facebook Messenger. We then deliver qualified leads directly to your CRM. All you need is a Facebook page to get started!

Gubagoo Publisher: The Intelligent Way to Promote your Specials

Customers are 2x more likely to convert when offers are customized to their intent. Publisher dynamically changes your offers and incentives based on web browsing behavior. Ad types include Google Reviews, specials, department tabs, social profiles, billboards, page overlay, appointment booking, and more, creating a more personal experience for visitors.