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Today’s consumer demands convenience. Historically, that has translated well for online businesses. Podium addresses this need for businesses with a local presence by providing an interaction platform that connects to all major messaging channels and enables users to easily manage all inbound and outbound communications. As a result of growing preference for convenient communication, your dealers are connecting with customers on their terms, and through the channels they prefer.

Enroll Pricing & Packages

Podium supports thousands of dealerships on our interaction platform today. These dealerships leverage our technology to assist with:


  • Bring all of your channels into one centralized inbox, including SMS text messages and Facebook Messenger.
  • All customer conversations are saved to a central database.
  • Improve business efficiency through faster customer communications.


  • Be the #1 choice on the sites your customers love and trust. Simple to manage from start to finish.
  • Track the reviews of your competition to benchmark your success.


  • Take the conversation offline by responding to your website visitors via text, from there you get the flexibility you both need to keep the conversation going.
  • Quickly capture leads by saving your visitor’s name and phone number the second they send a message on your site.
  • Your customers want to text you. Chat with them on their preferred channel.


CRM or DMS integration to automate review invitations.


  • Response to all reviews
  • Text alerts and mobile resolution for negative reviews
  • Monthly reporting