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Digital Advertising from Digital AMMP, a Dealer e-Process Service

We sell it different because we do it different. This is the only certified model that does not take a percentage of the ad spend, not for Kia or the provider. Every cent the dealer allocates for advertising goes to advertising, with no markup or commission of any kind. All of the servicing costs are upfront on a flat rate. The more aggressive the dealer is on digital advertising, the larger the amount saved through this model compared to all others.

The reason we charge based on a flat rate is because our campaigns are not fixed. It takes a lot of work to put together a custom campaign for a specific dealer, in a specific market, with specific objectives, for that month. We simply cannot afford to do all that work on a percentage basis for extremely small advertisers, nor should large advertisers pay a high percentage on everything they do. Fixed, or canned, campaigns use a variable cost method. Variable, or customized, campaigns, like Digital AMMP from Dealer E-Process, tend to use a flat rate method of pricing.

As the Kia brand grows, savvy Kia dealers understand their websites must meet the needs of a larger and more diversified audience, all of which are becoming increasingly internet dependent for their shopping and information needs. Backed by the latest responsive site technology – Responsive Server Side (RESS) – Dealer e-Process is poised to help Kia dealers reach ever higher levels of growth and profitability.

Enroll Pricing & Packages


When it comes to digital marketing, having the tools to be able to run certain ad campaigns is only half the battle. The other half is having the ability to track every aspect of those campaigns at the most detailed level in order to effectively optimize your ad budget, getting the greatest possible return on investment. As a Dealer E-Process website customer, your digital marketing campaigns are fully optimized based on the ultimate goals of lead conversion and vehicle sales.

When it comes to optimizing your digital ad dollars, you must first understand how to market to your sales funnel. With our new reporting dashboard, you’ll not only know the best marketing tools to reach shoppers in different stages of the sales funnel, but you’ll know how to optimize your budget for each section of the funnel.

With our new marketing overview, we’re able to display metrics across multiple marketing channels. Using this data, we can now come up with an optimal marketing mix for all different marketing outlets. Whether it’s Google, Bing, or other 3rd party lead sources, you’ll always know where you’re getting your best return on investment.


We turn your own vehicle inventory into an unstoppable force of inventory-specific ads. Our proprietary dynamic inventory-based advertising system syncs up flawlessly with your inventory database, and generates ads for each specific vehicle on your lot. That means the ad served is the ad that fits their needs, which reduces the frequency of unwanted and unqualified clicks. This keeps your SEM costs down and your conversion rates up, and sets us apart from other SEM vendors.


Target your competition, dominate your area, and protect your brand with our Custom Foundation Search Campaigns. Using your dealership’s unique selling proposition, we create an ad campaign targeting real car buyers in your area, assuring they visit your showroom before anyone else’s. Our strategy gives you the ability to force your competition as far off of the page as possible so you are the only dealer the customer sees. Our advanced geo-targeting also allows us to not only dominate your home base, but gives you the option of spreading your influence to areas where you desire higher market share. These campaigns are a crucial part of a strong marketing plan, and allow you to remain in front of the competition no matter where the customer is searching.


Some of the best advertising values are in the areas where shoppers await yet your competitors don’t bid on. In many markets, Yahoo/Bing offers a significant set of SEM opportunities at a value, many of which equal or exceed the value of comparable advertising strategies on other search engines. Open your store to the advanced options associated with Yahoo/Bing.


Look BIG to every shopper visiting your website. We create and serve ads that follow your prospects around the web after they visit your site and display an engaging message designed to draw them back. Remarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to spread brand awareness amongst your target market and stay on the customer’s mind throughout every stage of the car buying process.


Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, or something event-driven or model specific, we can do it. We’ll design and place a targeted digital ad on hundreds of websites. And unlike traditional media, your prospects are only a click away from visiting you. Dealers find this a more cost-effective way of advertising, with a proven ROI.


Video is king. If you want to rule the digital world, or at least the part that affects car shoppers in your geographic area, then our video pre-roll placement strategies provide the boost you are looking for. And if they click ‘skip’, it’s free!

If it’s not transparent it’s just a cookie-cutter application

How can dealers know what kind of service they will receive? By the level of transparency provided. Providers who listen to their dealers and customize campaigns to match what the dealership needs to sell will also be transparent. They want the dealer to know their service matches the dealer’s needs. If the program is a canned, cookie-cutter operation sold to virtually every dealer of your brand, a lack of transparency is the only thing the vendor has to hide behind. Compare for yourself, and demand complete transparency.