Questions? (800) 327-2707 Option 6 Advertising Advertising powers optimally relevant ads with Kia-aligned creative across the digital channels that drive vehicle sales – retargeting, paid search, display on major content networks and premium automotive research sites, and social media. Campaigns reach shoppers at every stage in their shopping process – from awareness, to consideration, to purchase intent – working together to broaden your website audience and keep visitors returning until they’re ready to come to your showroom.

Enroll Pricing & Packages

Retargeting and Display Advertising Retargeting reaches your most valuable online audience–shoppers who have already visited your website–while Display Advertising builds your brand through strategically placed ads on the sites your shoppers visit every day. Our Advertising Strategists align campaigns with your strategy and leverage Real Time Bidding technology to maximize every campaign’s effectiveness. Every campaign is trackable through unique phone numbers and URLs.

Premium Display, Powered by Jumpstart

Behavioral and contextual targeting across every major content network, plus exclusive exposure to vehicle buyers on the leading research sites.

Network Display, Powered by Real-Time Bidding

Behavioral and contextual targeting across every major content network.

Dynamic Vehicle Ads

Dynamic Vehicle Ads let online shoppers browse your vehicles both before and after they visit your site–dramatically amplifying the exposure of your inventory. Powered by the Unified Advertising Exchange, the ads can reach customers across 99% of the web, including premium automotive research sites like J.D. Power Autos and Car and Driver.

Dynamic Vehicle Ads leverage extensive shopper data and machine learning technology to intelligently match your vehicles with the shoppers most likely to buy them. After shoppers click an ad, they’re directed to Vehicle Details Pages, and subsequently retargeted with the optimally relevant vehicles once they leave your site. The result? The highest click-through and view-through rates in the industry and more quality traff c to your site.

Dynamic Vehicle Ads are fully turn-key: They are created automatically from the same inventory feed that powers your website. That means no extra code on your site, no extra inventory feeds, and no extra logins.

Paid Search Paid Search automatically launches regionally targeted pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Bing/Yahoo. Manage these campaigns on your own or rely on our team of in-house search marketing professionals trained to develop campaigns based on your strategy and budget. is a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner, which is part of an exclusive vendor group that meets Google’s stringent qualification criteria

  • Paid search campaign creation and optimization from one integrated tool
  • Managed services option with automated pay-per-click campaign creation
  • Reporting visibility accessible through the Unified Advertising Dashboard
  • Deep-linking ad campaigns designed for higher relevance and conversion

Custom targeting by geography, demographics and lifestyle attributes

Incentives integration creates incentive-driven paid search ads from dealer and OEM data

Unified Advertising Dashboard

The Unified Advertising Dashboard connects cross-channel campaign results with market intelligence, and provides the ability to connect with experts to adjust strategy on the fly.